[E-Info] Reminder of restrictions

Ambassadeur esekt-ambassadeur at maillist.sys.kth.se
Tis Nov 3 20:15:25 CET 2020

Hello, chapter members! The chapter board would like to remind you of 
the current restrictions, and KTH's implementation of them.

The following is in place:
*KTH urges students to *stay at home *unless they have mandatory lessons 
or exams physically on Campus. These mandatory lessons/exams will not be 
replaced by digital equivalents for the time being, but remain scheduled 
physically, in person.
**The guards employed by KTH will patrol the chapter halls to ensure 
that crowding does not occur, and that recommendations are followed.*
*Card access will not be revoked, but some doors will require card and 
code earlier in the day.

Please take care and stay safe in these trying times.

Best regards,


Henrik Åkerberg

Ambassadeur and head of communication


ambassadeur at e.kth.se <mailto:ambassadeur at e.kth.se>


Elektrosektionen |Osquars Backe 12

www.elektrosektionen.se <http://www.elektrosektionen.se/>

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