[gmx-developers] multiple file option

Marc Lensink marc.lensink at oulu.fi
Tue Mar 26 11:17:35 CET 2002

Anton Feenstra wrote:
> Also, we could use these options for programs like gmxcheck,
> g_rms and g_anaeig, which have options like '-f' and '-f2'
> or '-s1' and '-s2', which might be changed into a single
> option that accepts multiple files and issue an error when
> more than two files are given. This reduces the cmdline option
> clutter somewhat. Again, given common interest, I'd be willing
> to implement...

but how about possible confusion... you don't necessarily know if
you're comparing file 1 with file 2, or file 2 with file 1. i refer to
g_confrms, for instance, where you would like to know which structure
you're fitting onto which structure. with options '-f1' (or '-f') and
'-f2' such is immediately clear (as in the help it says 'fitting the
second structure onto the first one).


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