[gmx-developers] Re: include files

Erik Lindahl lindahl at stanford.edu
Sat Feb 8 00:01:06 CET 2003

Hi Graham,

> Also where should I put this .h file - src/tools/ or include/ ?
> I don't understand what the policy is on this. Maybe I was wrong to
> move pp2shift.h to include/ .

Well, if we only had a policy :-)

A long time ago, all source files were in the include directory. Our 
current aim is however to reduce this number significantly, and limit 
it to the few header files that are necessary to include if you want to 
link with exported function from the gromacs libraries. The remaining 
program-specific files should be in the same directory as the program.

> (BTW it looks like any .h files in src/tools should be explicitly
> put in [program]_SOURCES in Makefile.am, but those in include/
> should not - is that right?)

Yes - this has to do with the way automake calculates dependencies. 
Your program depends on your C source files and header files in the 
current directory, and the Gromacs libraries. If you execute make from 
the top level directory make will find the library dependency in the 
library header file and rebuilt it if necessary.

Automake is actually very powerful when you get to know it - the 
important point is to realize that you should only describe direct 
dependencies, everything else will be automatic.



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