[gmx-developers] New program to visualize trajectories

Andres Colubri acolubri at uchicago.edu
Sat Nov 1 04:34:31 CET 2003

Thanks Kaihsu. Even though my program is written in C++, I think that it 
won't be too difficult to adapt your python code.

Kaihsu Tai wrote:

>Hi Andres -- With the help of David van der Spoel and Erik
>Lindahl, I just learnt how to parse some Gromacs file
>formats recently, and wrote some Python scripts and
>wrappers.  You can find them (and related information) at
>the archive for this mailing list, for example,
>Andres Colubri, 2003-10-30 16:08:35-0600:
>>The only problem is that yapview doesn't support the Gromacs trajectory
>>format (yet!). But it was created using a plugin architecture, this
>>means that support for new formats can be added with relative ease,
>>without having to modify the yapview source code itself.
>>Because I've no experience whatsoever with gromacs, I'd be very grateful
>>if you can provide some advice to start learning the details of the
>>trajectory format (where in the gromacs source code the data structures
>>are defined, for example). And if anybody is interested in helping me to
>>create a gromacs plugin for yapview, that would be great!
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