[gmx-developers] Hardware accelerator

Scott Thibault thibault at gmvhdl.com
Wed Dec 1 15:29:53 CET 2004

> > I'm considering the possibility of starting a project to develop an 
> > FPGA based accelerator for Gromacs (a subset anyway).  Is 
> anyone else 
> > out there interested in this project?  I've looked at the 
> code a bit 
> > and it is pretty complex, and I think some help may be necessary.
> How fast you think you can make it? On a Pentium 4 we 
> routinely get > 1 GFlop/s. You have to beat that by an order 
> of magnitude before it becomes viable, I would think...

We would strive for 20-30x improvement over the typical desktop.  Of
course, the hardware parts need to be converted to fixed point

--Scott Thibault
Green Mountain Computing Systems, Inc.

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