[gmx-developers] Possible to compile gmxlib without any non-PIC code?

Nicholas Breen nbreen at ofb.net
Thu Oct 7 20:35:16 CEST 2004

  Even when compiled with -fPIC, libgmx.so still has some portions of
non-PIC code left in it:

% readelf -d libgmx.so|grep TEXTREL
 0x00000016 (TEXTREL)                    0x0

  It's from the i386 assembly code - compiling on a MIPS system or with
--disable-x86-asm produces a library with no TEXTREL sections.  Is it
possible to compile this in such a way that it's completely non-PIC
without resorting to disabling the ASM optimizations?  My limited ASM
knowledge is not up to the job.

  (Admittedly, this doesn't *break* GROMACS in any way.  The reason I'm
interested is in hopes of getting GROMACS into the Debian package
archive.  PIC code in shared libraries violates their packaging policy.)

  Many thanks for any suggestions.

Nicholas Breen
nbreen at ofb.net

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