[gmx-developers] Link to system BLAS and LAPACK

Yang Ye leafyoung81-group at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 20 12:56:22 CEST 2005


When I was compiling CVS code on Alpha Linux, I found that the lapack code
included in Gromacs was not compiled properly (with some constants in
ssterf.c, safmin and safmax). I found the configure flag --with-system-blas
and --with-system-lapack, but setting them did not work:

In the Makefile,


does NOT change between NOT setting --with and setting --with.

First question: Is this --with working now?

Second, Alpha has a Math library, CXML, which contains LAPACK and BLAS
implementations. According to the manual, I shall do compiling as

cc -migrate program.c /usr/lib/libdxml.a -lfor -lm

Can I do this when linking gmxlib? Thanks.

Yang Ye

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