[gmx-developers] real-time GROMACS visualization

Simon McIntosh-Smith simon at clearspeed.com
Thu Jun 16 02:56:04 CEST 2005

Has anyone ever put together a real-time, possibly even interactive
visualization of GROMACS before? I've come across a package called
VMD that does this for NAMD, CHARMM etc. It comes with an API that
we could wire in to GROMACS - see:


I'm interested because at ClearSpeed we've been porting GROMACS
to our accelerator cards and we're at the point where we'd like
to demo it running fast in real-time.

If no-one's done this, and others of you think this would be
a good idea, ClearSpeed might be interested in doing this in
the future.

Thanks for any input,

Simon McIntosh-Smith, Director of Architecture & Applications
ClearSpeed technology plc, www.clearspeed.com
tel: +44 117 317 2132, fax: +44 117 317 2002

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