[gmx-developers] Few Queries

J.G.Kannan jgkannan at rediffmail.com
Tue Aug 29 16:39:52 CEST 2006

Hi All,
   I am newbie to this GROMACS application, I am very much interested to contribute to this community. Before starting I have few queries regarding this application (GROMACS). Please find my questions below. Waiting for your valuable answer.

1. Which industry using this GROMACS application ?
[like Energy, Government/Academic Research,Health Sciences, Manufacturing, or Other ?]

2. GROMACS belongs to which user community (i.e) Bio Chemistry, Biophysical? 

3. Dose this application supports parallel computing directy?(Without modifying the source code)

4. Which programming Standards or Technologies used?

5. Which programming language used both command line and GUI ?

6. How many total number of user currently using GROMACS application?

7. Who is the major clients for this GROMACS application?

  It would great if anyone give detailed information. 

Thanks in advance,

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