[gmx-developers] calculating dielectric constant

David van der Spoel spoel at xray.bmc.uu.se
Tue Nov 14 14:45:36 CET 2006

Qiao Baofu wrote:
> Hi all developers,
> I have posted this problem on the gmx-user list. David gave me some 
> suggestions, but the problem has not been solved completely.
> I simulated an ionic liquid [mmimCl], 981 molecules for 1.5 ns, every 5 
> time steps saved.  In the .mdp file, I used PME:{ coulombtype  = pme; 
> epsilon-r = 1}, the simulation temperatuer is 425K.
> Then I used  "g_dipoles -temp 425 -f -s -enx" to calculate the the 
> dielectric constant, the result is: Epsilon = 826.496. I checked the 
> epsilon.xvg, in which the result is converged to some extent with some 
> fluctuations at the end.  I think the result is too big. Even though I 
> have no exerimental data for [mmimCl] at hand, I have some reported data 
> of some other ionic liquids, 10-20.
> Is there anyone who can give some suggestions? Great thx!
Do you mean the other liquids have dielectric constant 10-20?
Or do you have 10-20 data poinst for other liquids.

Either way, try one of the other liquids to test it.

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