[gmx-developers] GROMACS performance on Opteron Dual Core processors!

Kazem Jahanbakhsh k_jahanbakhsh at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 7 10:42:54 CEST 2006

David van der Spoel <spoel at xray.bmc.uu.se> wrote:    Kazem Jahanbakhsh wrote:
> Dear Christian,
> I have confused with your description. I have some simple 
> questions now, first is what does "Opteron-DC" stand for? 
> Doesn't it mean "Dual-Core Opteron"? You stated that "N" 
> column in the benchmark table means number of cores and not 
> the processors. I don't realize this at all. In the 
> presented benchmark table for single processors they brought
> the results of "Opteron" processors with N=2 and N=4, if we
> consider the "N" value as the number of cores on one 
> hardware chip, this does not match with the the Opteron 
> processors that exist in single core architecture in the 
> real world. I can't understand this contradiction in any 
> way. Also in that table they showed the performance outputs
> of "Opteron-DC" processors with N=2 and N=4. This results 
> doesn't mean if we consider the "N" as the number of cores 
> per chip because in the market the "Dual-Core Opteron" 
> processors only exist in dual core
> structure and AMD doesn't
> bring the Quad-Core processors into the market. for this 
> reason I cant interpret the "N" number as the number of 
> cores on single processor. Please clarify me with this 
> misunderstanding.
  David van der Spoel wrote:
> Sorry for the confusion. N is the number of cores, so N is 1 for an old 
>opteron, if N is 4 it means 2 dual-core chips. One new core is faster than >one old opteron.

  Thanks for your attention. I didn't find out what does "Opteron-DC" stand for? Please tell me what is the differences between the "Opteron" processor types with N=2 or N=4 and "Opteron-DC" processor types with similar number of cores (N=2 or 4) which you have brought in your single processor benchmarks. Can you tell me some examples from the real AMD chipset models that exists in the market today?

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