[gmx-developers] virial

David van der Spoel spoel at xray.bmc.uu.se
Thu Jan 11 09:12:07 CET 2007

Jason de Joannis wrote:
> Let me revive an old topic concerning the fshift correction
> to the virial. This term is added up in the calc_vir function and
> I believe it is equivalent to the second term in Eq(2) of the 2005 
> Gromacs paper or Eq. B.11 of the manual. Since that term is
> rather simple it should be easy to check with the following snippet of 
> code:
>  clear_mat(virtest);
>  for (n=start; n<start+homenr; n++)
>    for (i=0;i<DIM;i++) for (j=0;j<DIM;j++)
>      virtest[i][j] -= 0.25*box[i][i]*graph->ishift[n][i]*f[n][j];
> Unfortunately I am not getting the same number for the trace of the
> virial tensor. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> /Jason

Do you have a rectangular box? Otherwise you need to use box[i][j].

Have you run mdrun with -debug? It will print temp variables to mdrun.log.

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