[gmx-developers] How to compile *.s assembly files for AMD Optron+Win64 ?

Utkal Ranjan Pradhan urpradhan at gmail.com
Fri May 25 07:55:39 CEST 2007



I need to compile the *.s assembly files present in
"src\gmxlib\nonbonded\nb_kernel_x86_64_sse" and
"src\gmxlib\nonbonded\nb_kernel_x86_64_sse2" folder for Win64  AMD platform.

And as NASM is currently does not support 64bit (which is in dev) so we are
left with ml64, which comes with the latest Platform SDK.


But while compiling with ml64.exe, it gives error in almost all lines.

It may be due to syntax different for MASM.


So, can anyone please help me to compile the assembly files for 64 in AMD
windows platform ?



Thank You;

URPradhan At Gmail Dot Com


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