[gmx-developers] May be bug in 64-bit !

Erik Lindahl lindahl at cbr.su.se
Wed May 30 12:42:07 CEST 2007


 From your previous questions over the last week I'd say it's fairly  
obvious that

1. You don't have any gromacs experience whatsoever
2. You haven't provided us with any explanation why it is so  
important for you to have a native build
3. Despite the fact that we officially do NOT support win32 and even  
less win64 you still got lots of helpful pointers
4. When you still don't manage to get it to work you jump to the  
conclusion that there must be a 64-bit bug in a code that has worked  
perfectly on both big and small endian 64-bit machines since 1995.

This is not a particularly intelligent way to help, IMHO.
Before continuing, I'd seriously advice you to read http:// 

We certainly discover minor bugs in Gromacs now and then, but in this  
case my guess is that it is far more likely that you either did some  
mistake or that there are issues with your compilers or libraries.

> # This may be due to pointer assignment at line: 213 and the int  
> variable ci is not able to initialize properly.
Right. Since it works perfectly on all other platforms and dozens of  
compiler/OS combinations my first guess would not be a bug, but if  
you find and isolate one properly (even if it's only present on  
win64) we'd be happy to commit a fix.

> So, can anybody plz help me to solve this problems for native 64- 
> bit Windows platform using VS 2005 ?
You're probably on your own unless you can reproduce it under UNIX/ 
Linux. We don't have anything in principle against win64, but at the  
current stage it doesn't make sense for us to invest time and  
research funds in hardware/software for a commercial solution when we  
give the software away.



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