[gmx-developers] AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(tar-ustar)

Roland Schulz schulzr at ornl.gov
Tue Jul 22 04:51:34 CEST 2008


On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 3:41 PM, David van der Spoel <spoel at xray.bmc.uu.se>

> Roland Schulz wrote:
>> Hi,
>> why is the tar-ustar paremeter used in configure.ac <http://configure.ac
>> >?
>> Occording to the automake Options documentation this ustar is only
>> required for filenames longer than 99 characters. All files are shorter.
>> Thus the default should be OK. The advantage is that without ustar it works
>> also with older versions of automake. The rest is compatible.
> Isn't this necessary for long paths?
> If you go src/gmxlib/nonbonded/etc. you may get to 99
> But removing it and running make distcheck will tell us whether it works...

Yes Axel and you are right. I misread the documentation and 99 is the limit
for the whole path. Sorry.

I added a comment to the wiki saying on can remove this option in case one
has an older automake and doesn't need "make dist".

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