[gmx-developers] Profiling

Roland Schulz roland at utk.edu
Fri Oct 31 19:12:20 CET 2008


as a follow up to the other tools thread (finding functions):

Two profiling tools, which may be not so well known, and I think a very
useful are:

mpiP (mpip.sourceforge.net): It measures MPI time per code line (traceback
possible). One only needs to compile with -g and link the mpip library. It
gives a very quick overview why runtime is different on different clusters.

hpctookit (hpctoolkit.org/): It uses sampling to pinpoint the number of
spent cycles, caches misses, FLOPs to the code line (also for assembler). By
keeping the sampling interval long enough the overhead is neglictable.

In case someone is interested I'm happy to give some more information or

Can you recommend any other tools besides those and MPE/jumpshot?


ORNL/UT Center for Molecular Biophysics cmb.ornl.gov
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