[gmx-developers] Adding computing kernels in shared linked library

Sebastian Jodłowski jodelek at icm.edu.pl
Wed Aug 24 16:52:50 CEST 2011

I'm trying to add some features (e.g. interactions with membrane) into
nb_generic_kernel. I've written all my stuff, tested it hardly and
everything seems to work perfectly - all results are correct. Next
step, which I would like to performe, is to extract my kernels and
move them to the external library. So I added my lib(for now empty
lib) to gromacs makefiles(all of them), and inlcuded my lib header in
the nb_generic.c. In that place gromacs compiled and linked properly.
I cut my kernel code from the nb_generic_kernel() body and above it I
created function my_kernel() which consist body of my kernel. All
parametres are passed via pointers and kernel is called in its earlier
body's place in nb_generic_kernel(). Then I tested it again -
everything works great. So I finally moved my_kernel into the library.
Gromacs compiled and linked properly so I started testing. The results
are already wrong at the stage of minimization. I performed 100 steps
of minimization and version without external library calls 78144 times
my_kernel wherease with external library my_kernel is called 69696.
(What the hell?)The results start to differ at about 60% (45000th
calls of my_kernel). I have no idead what's going on and I spent
several days looking for the bug and couldn't find it. I would like to
notice that i don't know how gromacs minimization works and have no to
time for studing these code(but I pretty good analised how computing
of forces works).
Has anybody ever met something similar? Or has any experience with
writing libraries for gromacs?
Sebastian Jodlowski

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