[gmx-developers] small fix for a Blue Gene/P issue

Berk Hess hess at kth.se
Tue Nov 15 15:36:28 CET 2011

Dear Valentin,

I filed both issues in Redmine:
I fixed the kernel issue (841), but for the library issue I want to make 
sure this fix
it correct for all setups, so I also added Mark Abraham to the watchers.

Next time please file issues in redmine instead of mailing them.

Thanks for reporting this and including the fixes (and sorry for taking 
so long with responding to this).



On 10/04/2011 11:12 PM, Valentin Pavlov wrote:
> Dear developers,
> please consider the attached patch, which helps GROMACS build and
> perform correctly on a Blue Gene/P.
> best regards,
> -Valentin Pavlov
> Rila Solutions EAD
> Sofia 1113
> Bulgaria
> http://www.rila.bg
> vpavlov at rila.bg

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