[gmx-developers] [Patch] Gromacs 4.5.5 installs libraries to wrong directory on 64bit

Klaus Kaempf kkaempf at suse.de
Wed Sep 21 17:50:51 CEST 2011

* Szilárd Páll <szilard.pall at cbr.su.se> [Sep 21. 2011 17:01]:
> Hi,
> The patch was rejected because lib/lib32/lib64 is set up in a
> distribution-specific way: while on RHEL/SuSE lib is for 32bit
> libraries and lib64 for 64 bit, on  debian/ubuntu there is a separate
> lib32 and lib64, moreover lib64 is a symlink to lib.

Argh ! ;-)

> We really don't want to get into dealing with these kind of things
> ourselves and end up with 10 conditionals for 20 different platforms.
> Ideally CMake should take care of this.

Would you accept patches to get this correct on
RHEL/SuSE/debian/ubuntu ?

> However, as we set the lib install path like this:
> else()
> endif()
> which means that we do not let CMake put libraries where it thinks
> they should go, it is indeed a subtle bug.

Ok, then I'll pass GMXLIB in the rpm spec file instead of patching

> I think both issue 591 and 623 are related, right?


Thanks !

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