[gmx-developers] additional rtp entries

Alexey Shvetsov alexxy at omrb.pnpi.spb.ru
Wed Sep 28 12:29:25 CEST 2011

Hi all!

Also why not make some common directory under $GMXDATA/top for such 
things as cofactors? for example amrbe99* series forcefields has 
compatible atom definitions for cofactors same for amber94 based ones. 
May be this will work for contributed cofactor topology?

On Mon, 19 Sep 2011 16:20:34 +0200, Berk Hess wrote:
> Hi all,
> We don't have a strict official policy for inclusion of rtp building
> blocks in the standard
> share/top forcefield directories in Gromacs.
> One option would be to only allow "official" force field building
> blocks (where the definition
> of official is already difficult) and put everything else on the
> gromacs.org contributions page.
> I bring this up because of a contribution of ATP for AMBER on gerrit:
> https://gerrit.gromacs.org/#change,98
> In this contribution certainly references should be added so it's
> clear where the parameters
> come from. But such contributions should be carefully checked on 
> correctness,
> but equally important, on compatibility with the force field and
> something like "acceptance"
> in the community.
> ATP would indeed by useful, but if it's easy to find on the
> contributions page that would
> also work.
> Berk

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