[gmx-developers] C++11 in master

Roland Schulz roland at utk.edu
Tue Apr 3 18:29:44 CEST 2012


what is the policy for C++11 features in master? Is it OK as long as it
available in our actively supported compilers, and is a feature which is
not complicated and makes the code easier (simple C++ idea)?

Specific I'm asking about:
- auto (type interference for initialization, simplifies code especially
with iterators)
- std::array (fixed size array. Not the overhead of vector but the safety)
- std::tuple
- cstdint/cinttypes (mentioned at open question at

These are supported by GCC (>=4.4), Intel and MSVC. Also all but auto are
in tr1 and thus also available in boost in case a compiler would not
support it.

See also http://wiki.apache.org/stdcxx/C%2B%2B0xCompilerSupport and


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