[gmx-developers] Coordinate scaling in pdbio.c

Radhakrishna Bettadapura brrk at utexas.edu
Mon Apr 9 21:45:33 CEST 2012


I'm trying to figure out why a pdb input to pdb2gmx results in coordinates that are scaled by a factor of 0.1. That is, if a line in the PDB file reads

ATOM      1  N   ALA B   3      -1.221  20.481  12.450  1.00 34.64           N

then the corresponding line in the .gro file reads 

 3ALA      N    1  -0.122   2.048   1.245

The culprit seems to be the following lines in pdbio.c:

static int read_atom(t_symtab *symtab,
		     char line[],int type,int natom,
		     t_atoms *atoms,rvec x[],int chainnum,gmx_bool bChange)

// do stuff

 x[natom][XX]=strtod(xc,NULL)*0.1; /*all coordinates scaled by 0.1... why?*/

//do  more stuff


There's also a line in the output function that multiplies all incoming coordinates by 10 before writing it to output:

void write_pdbfile_indexed(FILE *out,const char *title,
			   t_atoms *atoms,rvec x[],
			   int ePBC,matrix box,char chainid,
			   int model_nr, atom_id nindex, atom_id index[],
			   gmx_conect conect, gmx_bool bTerSepChains)

//do stuff...

	    (resic == '\0') ? ' ' : resic,
// do more stuff...


Can someone tell me why this coordinate scaling occurs?  And why the scale factor is a single hard-coded number than, say, something that depends on the input?

Radhakrishna Bettadapura
PhD candidate,
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering/Computational Visualization Center,
University of Texas at Austin

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