[gmx-developers] Minor CMAKE/fftw3 problem VS2010 x64 on release-4-6 branch

Mirco Wahab mirco.wahab at chemie.tu-freiberg.de
Mon Feb 27 14:49:45 CET 2012

Am 27.02.2012 13:59, schrieb Mirco Wahab:
> The (successful passed) test set run for the patched .cmake does
> not include the situation: "VC201 + native windows fftw3f"
> (only fftpack)=> http://jenkins.gromacs.org/job/Gromacs_Gerrit_4_6/405/

.. which is *not correct*. According to the cmake build info:


this build *does* find a local fftw3:
-- Found FFTW: C:/utils/fftw-3.3-dll64/lib/fftw3f.lib (Required is at 
least version "3")

Maybe this here is the clue ...

Could anybody please provide
- already set environment variables regarding to the fftw3 (FFTW_xxx)
   on this very machine,
- short build summary for the /utils/fftw-3.3-dll64/lib/fftw3f.lib used



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