[gmx-developers] abstract type convention?

Berk Hess hess at kth.se
Mon Jun 10 09:02:12 CEST 2013


I have (finally) started working on disentangling the data structures in 
preparation for the modularization.
I want to start with t_forcerec and t_commrec.
But before starting the actual rewrite, I want to ask what convention we 
should use for abstract data types. For now I want to keep most of the 
contents of these structs the same, but separate and hide it inside in 
several abstract data types. We have different naming scheme for this in 
the current code, but it seems that the one below is most used (at least 
I seem to have switched to that lately). Can we agree on this, or are 
there better suggestions?

Slightly unrelated, I don't want to use the gmx_ prefix for everything 
(like Erik has been doing lately), only for data structures which would 
be accessible in the user API. The API has not been defined yet, so this 
might change over time.



/*! \brief Abstract datatype for a random number generator
  * This is a handle to the full state of a random number generator.
  * You can not access anything inside the gmx_rng structure outside this
  * file.
typedef struct gmx_rng *

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