[gmx-developers] Cleaning in master / space wars

David van der Spoel spoel at xray.bmc.uu.se
Sat Mar 16 22:02:33 CET 2013


I just merged the master branch in one of my development branches and 
had to do a look of fixes due to "cleaning up" in the master branch of 
files that I had edited as well. The problem is extra indentation etc., 
renaming of variables from using underscores to Capitals etc. Such 
changes are then hard to distinguish from the real code changes, which 
usually is minute.

Since there are quite a few branches out there I suspect more people 
have this problem. So the question here is whether we can

A) install a policy where we do NOT change the indentation of code and 
spacing in general just for better looks. One more reason for this is 
that it makes tracking history difficult.


B) update the indentation of all code at once to make it comply with the 
4 spaces indentation that is to be the new standard. Drawback is that 
history tracking becomes more difficult, but at least we'll get it over 
and done with.

(changes were in physics.[ch], pdb2top.[ch], gen_ad.[ch], atomprop.[ch] 
and maybe more)

David van der Spoel, Ph.D., Professor of Biology
Dept. of Cell & Molec. Biol., Uppsala University.
Box 596, 75124 Uppsala, Sweden. Phone:	+46184714205.
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