[gmx-developers] porting a commit from 4.6 to master

Teemu Murtola teemu.murtola at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 17:58:21 CET 2013

It works for me as well (took one Michael's change from gerrit as an
example). You should probably set

  git config diff.renamelimit 5000

or to a similar high number.


On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 12:06 PM, Mark Abraham <mark.j.abraham at gmail.com>wrote:

> Works fine for me. Make sure git is a recent version, and that both
> branches are present in the repo. Git needs the full history in order to
> observe the move.
> Mark
> On Nov 26, 2013 9:06 AM, "Berk Hess" <hess at kth.se> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a commit on top of release-4-6 and want to also have it on top of
>> master. Doing git cherry-pick results in conflicts for all files, since all
>> files have been moved.
>> Is there a way to port the commit and have git resolve the file movement
>> automatically?
>> Cheers,
>> Berk
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