[gmx-developers] C++ in kernels

Erik Lindahl erik.lindahl at scilifelab.se
Sat Jan 11 17:01:41 CET 2014


On 11 Jan 2014, at 15:45, David van der Spoel <spoel at xray.bmc.uu.se> wrote:
> For the future we should become even more stringent on new code. I 
> propose to also prevent new C code from going into the mdrun part of the 
> code, at least past release of 5.0. Only by forcing all developers to 
> make the switch can we get a broader developer base for future coding.

When it comes to new modules I fully agree. We should also get better at replacing old modules (well, starting with modularizing stuff), but I think it’s better to keep _old_ code and patches to it C so we properly clean up and modularize as we advance, rather than having a gigantic unstructured mix of C and C++ code in all files.


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