[gmx-developers] Pre-GROMACS 5.0 ToDo list

Rossen Apostolov rossen at kth.se
Thu Jun 19 11:33:02 CEST 2014


1) Is there a howto/guide about adding extra jenkins tests?

2) Redmine issues

There are still several "high priority" bugs with a target version 5.0.

The rest of the issues should have "Target version" set only if someone 
has committed to fixing it for that particular version, and thus, there 
needs to be "Assignee" set as well for those.

Until recently, when an issue was filed, assignees were set 
automatically depending on the category of the issue. This is now disabled.

So please remove yourself as an assignee if you don't plan to fix the 
bug, or if you plan to do it, please set the version accordingly.


On 18/06/14 17:55, Szilárd Páll wrote:
> Hi,
> We have started creating a list of smaller tasks that need  or would
> be good) to be accomplished before 5.0 is released. This is just a
> plain list on the GROMACS redmine-wiki [1] mostly because for many of
> these small-ish tasks a separate issue seemed to be an overkill.
> However, if some of these turn out to require heavier lifting and
> keeping record of this, discussion, or postponing, separate redmine
> issues can easily be created.
> * We need help with clearing some of these so please pick up whatever
> you can and add a [WIP YourName] tag to the respective item. In
> particular, testing of platforms not tested by jenkins and core devs
> is necessary.
> * Add items that you consider necessary (try to add them to the lowest
> priority list).
> * If you don't have a dev account, just reply here.
> 1. http://redmine.gromacs.org/projects/gromacs/wiki/GROMACS_development_scratchpad
> Cheers,
> --
> Szilárd

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