[gmx-developers] cmap_setup_grid_index bug?

David van der Spoel spoel at xray.bmc.uu.se
Fri Oct 24 13:50:57 CEST 2014

In listed-forces/bonded.cpp I found the following function (when 
debugging a SEGV in cmap_dihs), note the comment was already there. It 
seems that the grid_spacing is used in a strange way, with data from 1 
until grid_spacing - 2, is that correct?

/*! \brief Mysterious undocumented function */
static int
cmap_setup_grid_index(int ip, int grid_spacing, int *ipm1, int *ipp1, 
int *ipp2)
     int im1, ip1, ip2;

     if (ip < 0)
         ip = ip + grid_spacing - 1;
     else if (ip > grid_spacing)
         ip = ip - grid_spacing - 1;

If that is correct, then code like
         pos1    = iphi1*cmap_grid->grid_spacing+iphi2;

is suspect. The SEGV finally comes in this statement:
        ty[0]   = cmapd[pos1*4];

But topology/idef.h seems to tell me that the array should be indexed 
from 0 to grid_spacing-1
typedef struct
     real *cmap; /* Has length 4*grid_spacing*grid_spacing, */
     /* there are 4 entries for each cmap type (V,dVdx,dVdy,d2dVdxdy) */
} gmx_cmapdata_t;

In summary, cmap_setup_grid_index seems very suspicious.

Any deeper insights anyone?
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