[gmx-developers] time to make 5.1 happen

Mark Abraham mark.j.abraham at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 16:00:48 CET 2015


Sorry for quietness on the management front, I've had a bunch of non-code
tasks lately. We're a few weeks behind on my original timeline for
5.1-beta1. Various people had expressed hopes of putting code on gerrit,
but few things have actually appeared, so I think we should pretty much
regard the feature stuff on gerrit now as the maximum extent of 5.1.
There's still a bunch of dead / experimental patches on gerrit that won't
make the 5.1 cut, of course. Please speak up super-fast if that's a problem
- you should have had code in gerrit a month and more ago!

So I plan to roll 5.1-beta1 from master HEAD on Friday, and branch
release-5-1 and Jenkins infrastructure at that time. Per my original
suggestion, release-5-1 will be open for "feature"-type content for a few
weeks while we deal with remaining code review of things currently on
master. Once we release 5.1-rc1 (perhaps after another beta if appropriate)
then features are frozen. The gerrit cherry-pick feature should be good for
people to make clear that they are proposing a "feature" patch for

I'd like to see a couple more of the new Sphinx-based docs commits at
get merged, so that we can invite users to give feedback or contribute docs.

It would be great for our colleagues at StreamComputing if we get their
OpenCL work out to the world in the first beta; I know Berk has given some
feedback but is basically OK with the commit. Szilard has a few outstanding
questions we can probably resolve quickly. I have a reservation about
whether using more than one Nvidia GPU works, but since that is in any case
not a useful configuration for performance, we can hack a temporary fatal
error in front of that and ship something usable.

Szilard's CUDA work needs to get in, but the remaining issues there are
minor, I think.

Berk's halo-decomposition is not yet clearly useful (right, Berk?) so
perhaps we will leave that on the shelf for now.

Erik's SIMD support patches need one more reviewer. It would be nice to be
able to say to hardware devs that we already have preliminary support in
released code when early-phase testing is on the cards.

Happy hacking!

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