[gmx-developers] time to make 5.1 happen

Magnus Lundborg magnus.lundborg at scilifelab.se
Tue Feb 10 16:29:39 CET 2015


Sounds good. It would be nice to get my latest TNG version patch in 
there, but it's on master, so perhaps it's already planned.



On 02/10/2015 04:00 PM, Mark Abraham wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry for quietness on the management front, I've had a bunch of 
> non-code tasks lately. We're a few weeks behind on my original 
> timeline for 5.1-beta1. Various people had expressed hopes of putting 
> code on gerrit, but few things have actually appeared, so I think we 
> should pretty much regard the feature stuff on gerrit now as the 
> maximum extent of 5.1. There's still a bunch of dead / experimental 
> patches on gerrit that won't make the 5.1 cut, of course. Please speak 
> up super-fast if that's a problem - you should have had code in gerrit 
> a month and more ago!
> So I plan to roll 5.1-beta1 from master HEAD on Friday, and branch 
> release-5-1 and Jenkins infrastructure at that time. Per my original 
> suggestion, release-5-1 will be open for "feature"-type content for a 
> few weeks while we deal with remaining code review of things currently 
> on master. Once we release 5.1-rc1 (perhaps after another beta if 
> appropriate) then features are frozen. The gerrit cherry-pick feature 
> should be good for people to make clear that they are proposing a 
> "feature" patch for release-5-1.
> I'd like to see a couple more of the new Sphinx-based docs commits at 
> https://gerrit.gromacs.org/#/q/status:open+project:gromacs+branch:master+topic:docs 
> get merged, so that we can invite users to give feedback or contribute 
> docs.
> It would be great for our colleagues at StreamComputing if we get 
> their OpenCL work out to the world in the first beta; I know Berk has 
> given some feedback but is basically OK with the commit. Szilard has a 
> few outstanding questions we can probably resolve quickly. I have a 
> reservation about whether using more than one Nvidia GPU works, but 
> since that is in any case not a useful configuration for performance, 
> we can hack a temporary fatal error in front of that and ship 
> something usable.
> Szilard's CUDA work needs to get in, but the remaining issues there 
> are minor, I think.
> Berk's halo-decomposition is not yet clearly useful (right, Berk?) so 
> perhaps we will leave that on the shelf for now.
> Erik's SIMD support patches need one more reviewer. It would be nice 
> to be able to say to hardware devs that we already have preliminary 
> support in released code when early-phase testing is on the cards.
> Happy hacking!
> Mark

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