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>>reaction field methods give results comparable to Ewald summations>> at a fraction of the computational cost.>It depends what you call comparable. You may want to check e.g.>Matthias et al. JCP 118 (2003) 10847--10860 who suggest a 4 nm cutoff >may be needed, or my own work JCTC 2 (2006) 1-11.
I am outside of an academic setting, working solo, and I do not  have access to journal subscriptions. Paying for a copy of those articles is not sustainable for unaffiliated individuals. It bothers me that these journals are off limits to the public, I am not trying to profit from them(who would beside journals?), only build upon their findings and provide them for free to the public. If a good, anonymous Samaritan could drop those papers on my mailbox, I would appreciate it (noelcjr at hotmail.com). It is for a good cause.
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