[gmx-developers] windows blues

Mark Abraham mark.j.abraham at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 15:41:06 CET 2015


master branch has a bug that a new Windows configuration is provoking. I
suspect I know what the problem is, but it'd be nice to break into the
debugger to be sure. Details are at
but when I log into that machine to run the correct offending
gmxpreprocess-test binary, I get a nice Windows popup telling me that
libxml2.dll is missing. Yet by design we only have
C:/utils/lib64/lib/libxml2.lib available, i.e. for static linking. The
linking succeeded, so this library got found, and the Jenkins setup got
this binary to run, so it must be possible. My own build with VS+Intel has
the same problem. Is there some special sauce needed to get it to know what
to do?

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