[gmx-developers] Always an error output and "usage" text even without error

Andreas Delleske delleske at avmatsim.de
Mon Apr 18 23:46:44 CEST 2016

Dear Justin,

> Users often find such logged information useful for verifying settings,
> as the defaults are displayed in the case of options that are not
> explicitly set.  This can be meaningful when diagnosing issues.


> The output can be turned off (or at least, greatly reduced) by using the
> -quiet argument.

Many thanks!

> Meaningful errors and warnings are indicated by ERROR and WARNING,
> respectively, so grep for case-sensitive matches.

I will, thanks a lot.

> For grompp, any
> number of errors or warnings will be fatal, so you can grep for "fatal"
> as well.

*duly noted* :)

All the best

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