[gmx-developers] gromacs.org_gmx-developers Digest, Vol 171, Issue 12

Eric Irrgang ericirrgang at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 15:41:29 CEST 2018

> I'm sure there are ways to improve things here, and the more important
> thing is to write words than worry about where to host them. Do note that
> there are things in the developer guide in the source repo, which we should
> not duplicate!

Mark: I'm sorry, but your last comment is not clear to me, maybe
because it goes to my original question.
I don't imagine you are pointing out that we shouldn't duplicate the
source repo. (Ah, the joys of English grammar...) Do you mean we
should not propagate the fact that things in the developer guide are
in the source repo? Or that if some piece of information is already in
the source repo, that it should be referenced instead of duplicated?
Also, I think the term "developer guide" is explicitly used only in
the Sphinx sources in the repo (also "dev manual"), but I wanted to
double-check that this is what you mean.

The gist, though, seems to be that I should submit a patch to Gerrit,
and if the content is not appropriate to port, it will be addressed in
code review. I was hoping to get specific thumbs up or down before
spending time on formatting, but it isn't that big a deal, so I'll
start a patch as soon as I figure out why the webpage isn't building
for me with Sphinx 1.7.x

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