[gmx-developers] submitting to gerrit

Mirabzadeh, Christopher (mira2978@vandals.uidaho.edu) mira2978 at vandals.uidaho.edu
Tue Jul 17 22:08:16 CEST 2018

I have a completed project that was tested and has been working since GROMACS 5.1.4. I cloned the newest repo from gerrit and would like to try an include my code in the next code release. I understand that my code will have to fit the changes since 5.1.4.

Question 1: Is it too late to include my code in the upcoming release? I remember getting an email from the group about the next release but got distracted by work and home and I may have missed the deadline.

Question 2: I have no idea how to use gerrit. I’m familiar with git, but gerrit looks foreign to me. In the write-up on gromacs.org, there is no mention of creating a local working branch and creating pull requests which is the workflow that I’m familiar with. Is that still the process with gerrit? Is there a workflow to follow that I missed? Further guidance would be appreciated.

Question 3: If I have completed code for review, that incorporates a new algorithm, does a publication have to be included? The context being, what is the process for explaining the algorithm to a reviewer?



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