[gmx-developers] Second beta release of GROMACS 2019

Benson Muite benson.muite at ut.ee
Tue Nov 6 22:18:38 CET 2018

Tried the following build:


on Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U 100% tests passed, 0 tests failed out of 48

Label Time Summary:
GTest              =  20.10 sec*proc (42 tests)
IntegrationTest    =   5.37 sec*proc (7 tests)
MpiTest            =   0.08 sec*proc (3 tests)
SlowTest           =  11.59 sec*proc (1 test)
UnitTest           =   3.14 sec*proc (34 tests)

Total Test time (real) = 182.62 sec

On 11/6/18 1:26 PM, Paul bauer wrote:
> Hello developers,
> I just uploaded the second beta release of GROMACS 2019, with the
> fixes for the
> issues found be us and you during the first beta now mostly fixed. The
> plan is still
> to ship the new release at the beginning of the new year, so please
> continue to
> help us dogfood things by building the code on your local machines and
> trying out your favourite
> simulations - we can not test everything ourself here and appreciate
> your help in
> identifying and fixing remaining issues in the code!
> I know the version got shipped a bit later than I promised in the last
> mail,
> so please accept my apologies for the delay.
> Especially, we would like to have tests for:
> Different kinds of accelerators tested for the OpenCL support
> Tests of simulations for proper use of the update groups
> The release-2019 branch is now (mostly) frozen for new code submissions,
> and we are planning to only have bug fixing going on in this branch
> from now on.
> Any major code changes can continue on master, and we are planning to
> merge
> any changes from the release branches back into it by the usual merge
> commits.
> I'm planning to ship another beta in about two weeks time to give you
> enough time
> for testing the code and to tell us if there are any issues with it
> that should be fixed before
> a release candidate later in December. If you want a bug fix to be in
> the next beta,
> please help organize to get the fix made and reviewed. The role of the
> release manager is to ship code that's in good shape, not to shepherd
> every
> known issue to be resolved before shipping.
> As mentioned before, any bugs found in release-2018 should continue to be
> targeted at this version, before we move it to essential fixes only
> after 2019 gets
> released next year. At the same time we will retire the release-2016
> branch with
> a final patch version. The release-2018 branch will stay open for
> about a year for
> fixes that prevent wrong science, and will be closed around the time
> of GROMACS 2020.
> Fixes in it will be appear in release-2019 branch via merges in the
> usual way.
> Happy coding
> Paul Bauer
> GROMACS release manager

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