[gmx-developers] Second GROMACS2021 beta release

Christian Blau blau at kth.se
Wed Nov 11 13:42:19 CET 2020

Dear developers,

Thanks for trying out the previous beta1 release!

We smoothened out a couple of issues and are proud to release the second 
beta version of GROMCAS2021 for you to test.

We plan to ship before the new year, so please do help us by building 
the code on your local machines and trying out your favorite simulations 
- we test a lot of things, but we need people to try things that are our 
outside of our brain space, too! GROMACS2021 will come with new features 
where we are keen on feedback as well, please have a look on things like 
multiple time-stepping where you should see some exciting benefits, and 
we would like to see extensive testing.

To get an overview on the current schedule and issues have a look at the 
beta3 milestone issues here:


and add whatever issues you encounter during testing.

If you want a bug fix to be in the next beta, please help organize to 
get the fix made and reviewed. The role of the release manager is to 
ship code that's in good shape, not to shepherd every known issue to be 
resolved before shipping.

Happy coding!

Christian Blau

KTH Stockholm
Theoretical and Computational Biophysics

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