[gmx-developers] Important: September 30 cutoff for GROMACS-2022 beta

Erik Lindahl erik.lindahl at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 09:31:09 CEST 2021

Hi all,

Paul Bauer is on parental leave this semester, and we also have Christian
Blau on parental leave (we strongly support reproducible team members just
as much as reproducible code :-), so our apologies that we're slightly
worse when it comes to communication than we usually are!

However, the work on the next release is progressing - originally our plan
was to release the beta in mid-September, but since we've had some issues
with GPU runs in our CI infrastructure we've pushed this forward to
*September 30* (The GPU CI runs should work fine now).

In particular, this means that any significant change that you hope to have
in the release needs to be present as a merge request pretty much *now*.
However, given the bandwidth limitations of the team due to the parental
leaves, don't expect review work to happen for anything that hasn't already
been advertised/discussed and planned in previous video meetings.

Second, please participate in code review and bug fixing (both before and
after the beta release!). This is particularly important if you are not a
common code reviewer but have a change you would like to see merged - large
changes from authors not reviewing code from others tend to get low review
priority :-)

Finally, to avoid creating unnecessary load on the CI system, remember not
to create a merge request (meaning: additional integration tests start to
run) from your change until it has fully passed the first simple CI test



Erik Lindahl <erik.lindahl at dbb.su.se>
Professor of Biophysics, Dept. Biochemistry & Biophysics, Stockholm
Science for Life Laboratory, Box 1031, 17121 Solna, Sweden

Note: I frequently do email outside office hours because it is a convenient
time for me to write, but please do not interpret that as an expectation
for you to respond outside your work hours.
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