[gmx-users] RH 6.2 and standard kernel

Pandini Alessandro - Dottorati di Ricerca alessandro.pandini at unimib.it
Fri Dec 14 11:41:17 CET 2001

Dear all,

Some months ago I had problems with MDs I ran using Gromacs 2.0 on a SGI
1450 w/ RH6.2.
Later I found that using 1fs timestep instead of 2fs was enough for the
simulations to run with no problems... so I didn't care a lot about and
went on.

Now I'm using Gromacs 3.0 on PCs with RH7.0 w/ kernel 2.4.2, but I'm quite
interested in getting information about running Gromacs 3.0 on RH6.2.


* Standard kernel for RH6.2 is 2.2.14, I got 2.2.17 on my SGI, is this
kernel version still affected by floating points calculations bugs?
* Should I have to upgrade to 2.4?
* Is there anyone who has benchmark on Gromacs 3.0 with different kernels?

Thanks a lot


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