[gmx-users] Parallel version

cathy at bach.urbb.jussieu.fr cathy at bach.urbb.jussieu.fr
Fri Dec 28 12:18:20 CET 2001

 I have some problem when I try to submit mdrun on our cluster. I have
complied Gromacs3.0 with the LAM libraries.
Everything is OK when I use 1 node but if I use  more than 1 node I have
similar messages than colleagues with MPI
Do you have an idea ?
Except starting lamboot on every node is there anything else to do
before running mdrun ?
Thank you in advance

Pr. Catherine ETCHEBEST,Universite Paris VII, Equipe de Bioinformatique Moleculaire
INSERM U 436,Case Courrier 7113, 2 Place Jussieu 75251 Paris Cedex 05

Tour 53, Couloir 53-54 1er Etage Porte 16,Tel:01-44-27-77-19,Fax : 01 43 26 38 30
EMail:cathy at urbb.jussieu.fr

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