[gmx-users] best price/performance for GMX?

Peter Tieleman tieleman at ucalgary.ca
Sun Oct 7 21:58:09 CEST 2001

I haven't looked into buying anything new recently, but from the prices of
desktops it seems dual processor
Pentium 4 Xeons at 1.8 GHz or so might become interesting too. Increased
single processor speed would be useful for larger jobs that otherwise would
have problems with the mpi-scaling of PME. Has anyone tried dual processor
P4's yet?


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> Hi,
> We're just about to upgrade the existing cluster in Groningen with more
> dual-P3 machines;
> it might be interesting for you to know that Intel are rumoredly
> planning to
> stop producing
> SMP-capable P3's by december 1st, so if you want some you should
> order fast!
> It's no real problem; I'm sure Dual Athlons will be a wonderful
> alternative
> soon, but right
> now the're still somewhat untested in clusters, and the motherboards and
> memory somewhat
> expensive.
> Erik

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