[gmx-users] octane box help/problems

Dallas Warren dallas.warren at vcp.monash.edu.au
Wed Dec 4 23:05:27 CET 2002


>Could someone please help me on this. I am trying to make an octane box by 
>using genconf. I have amended the decane.itp and dec50 files from the 
>distribution, and have arranged a box which I have scaled, using editconf, 
>to the correct density and dimensions 3.0 5.5 4.5 nm. After a run, just 
>octane no waters etc,  the density of the box decreases from 700 to 300. 
>Could anyone tell me where I am going wrong. Otherwise can I put a number 
>of octanes randomly in a water box and let gromacs form a three phase 
>(water octane water) system at the correct density of al three compartments??

What temperature and coupling are you using? i.e. a copy of md.mdp would be 
handy to see the settings you are using.

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