[gmx-users] Instalation of GROMACS

Tanos C. C. França tccf at epq.ime.eb.br
Tue Dec 10 14:48:58 CET 2002

	Hi all,
 	I'm trying to install GROMACS with double precision in a machine where I
already have GROMACS 3.0 installed. I've followed the instructions in
GROMACS site and I've been sucssesfull in downloading and installing fftw
files and GROMACS 3.1 in the root but they aren't working. What am I doing
wrong ? Should I first uninstall GROMACS 3.0 ? If so, How do I do this ? I
tryed delete the GROMACS 3.0 files in root but it didn't worked out. After
GROMACS is isntalled is there any additional command to make it work ?
	Thanks a lot.

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