[gmx-users] compilation ok on Mac, execution not ok

kiran boggavarapu kiran_boggavarapu at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 26 20:40:17 CET 2002

Dear All,
I have complied gromacs on mac os x. (the trick is
using bash, /bin/bash).

But i have problems with running demos.
while 'pdb2gmx' 'genbox' seems to be running.
I have serious problems with 'grompp'.

The error is with /lib/cpp
in zsh (default) /lib/cpp command not found.
if change /lib/cpp to either cpp or /usr/local/bin/cpp
to make cpp work, i get weierd errors, like undefined
type e.g.
undefined type, found `P'"
large number of those
with lilegal delcarations etc.
and exit with
"cpp-precomp: warning: errors during smart
preprocessing, retrying in basic mode
preprocessor exiting with code 1 due to errors
cpp-precomp: could not write file
Is a directory
cpp exit code: 256"

can anyone know how to solve this.


happy new year.

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