[gmx-users] Gromacs 3.1?

Erik Lindahl lindahl at stanford.edu
Thu Jan 24 22:32:17 CET 2002

Rui Qiao wrote:

> Dear all:
>         I am wondering when the Gromacs 3.1 would be available? I am
> building a linux box and will install Gromacs, so if it could come right
> at the time .....
>         Thanks Gromacs team for the hard working and kind support.
>         sincerely,
>         Rui

Hi Rui,

3.1 won't be a revolutionary release ( saving that for 4.0 ), but rather
a maintenance release in the 3 series...

The most important new features are double precision assembly loops
in SSE2, Altivec assembly loops for PowerPC, Large File support (>2GB),
more compilers supported, and additional bugs ironed out.

Learning from some of the irritating minor bugs in the first 3.0 release,
will probably release a public beta shortly, and then it will be released
minute we've fixed the remaining bugs and problems.

We'll provide rpms, so it will be trivial to upgrade from 3.0.x.



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