[gmx-users] ERROR: Twin-range neighbour searching (NS) with simple NS algorithm not implemented

Mehmet Suezen suzen at theochem.tu-muenchen.de
Thu Jan 31 10:11:04 CET 2002


What may cause above error? As far as I understant from the manual
following settings would be a legal.
(ERROR:Twin-range neighbour searching (NS) with simple NS algorithm not

; Neighbor Searching
nstlist=0       ; frequency of constructing list 
ns_type=Simple  ; construction method
pbc=no          ; periodicity in the system
rlist=0.5       ; cutoff distance in the short-range neighborlist 
; Electrostatics and VdW
coulombtype=Cut-off     ; cut-off
rcoulomb=15             ; cut-off 
vdwtype=Cut-off         ; vdw cut_off
rvdw=0.55               ; pair pot. cut-off 
DispCorr=no             ; dispersion correction

Thanks for the comments.

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