[gmx-users] g_disre

Thomas Huber pyro at uni-bielefeld.de
Mon Jul 8 11:02:25 CEST 2002

Hallo gmx-users,

I tried to compute the violations of distance restraints.
g_disre should be the right for doing it. starting g_disre it produce
a memory access error. is this problem known?

I want to watch spezific distances between two atoms along the
simulationtime of the trajectory. How can I do this?

¯`'·.¸¸.·'´¯`·-> PYRO <-·´¯`'·.¸¸.·'´¯
GS/AT dx H s-:- !g p?(6) au+ a- w@ !v(---) C++(+) UL++ P+ L+(++) 3 E+@ N+ K- W+(---) -po+ Y+ t+@ 5- j- R+++ G+ tv--(++) b+ D+@ B? e*>+++ u**@ h! f? r--(---) !n y+

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