[gmx-users] IRIX-6.5 Compile Problem still

Patrick Ladam ladam at smbh.smbh.univ-paris13.fr
Wed Mar 6 01:41:15 CET 2002

Hi again,

Still struggling to compile GMX 3.1 on my SGI-O2. Thanks to the list I could get
the F77/G77 optimization options mixing by setting correct CC, F77, CFLAGS,
The next problem was at the final linking step where n32 GMX objects could not
be linked
to o32 libraries.
I finally understood that on IRIX 6.5, o32 libraries are in /usr/lib and their
n32 equivalent
are in /usr/lib32. So I added a -L/usr/lib32 to the LDFLAGS. This did not help,
it looks
that the o32 lib were found first and the configure script did not make any
attempt to
look for further matching lib in /usr/lib32.
So I finally made a rather crude thing in renaming o32 libs and making a sym
link to their
n32 equivalent. This worked (thought I know it is not really something to do...)

Now I have to face a new problem with fftw. The configure script complains the

checking for fftw.h... yes
checking for main in -lfftw... no
configure: error: Can't find a library to match the fftw header <<<<<<<<<<<
(The exit status here was commented out before for debugging purpose)

Well fftw is correctly installed with all files in /usr/local/lib and include:


I even copied them in /usr/lib to be sure....
Well here I am lost in hyperspace where nobody can ear you cry...


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