[gmx-users] Scary news about the SSSCA...

Patrick Ladam ladam at smbh.smbh.univ-paris13.fr
Wed Mar 6 21:18:44 CET 2002

Hi members,

This is out of topic but I received this mail from the yellowDogLinux mail list
and feel that
I have to forward it to other people.
This news sounds like a scary threat to the open-source world if not about

Please spread the news....


Sorry for the crosspost but everyone needs to be very concerned about this
proposed bill

Read more about it here


The Security Systems Standards and Certification Act will make the following
The SSSCA, among other things, will make the following illegal:
* Assembling a home-built PC.
* Using a non-secure computer (ie, a computer built before the would-be
implementation of the SSSCA) on a network.
* Widespread development of open-sourced (non-copyrighted and "digitally
unsigned? software.
* Use of open-sourced software (essentially the entire software platform for
the UNIX and Linux operating systems, on which Computer Science research
* University and corporate research on systems, debugging, security, and
* All VCRs, DVDs, and pretty much every current digital hardware will be
banned and considered illegal

Please sign the petition and write your congressman and senator


Plz post this in all newgroups and internet forums u belong to we need to
spread the word


Other links about this topic:

A few links for the people who don't know:

# Original draft

# Various mentions at LWN

# See the Slashdot articles

# EFF stanmdpoints and info.  Search around EFF.org as well

# RedHat's postion Paper

Thanks for reading

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